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the little red drum is a  Shamanic school and practice.  The practice is based on the beautiful Falkland Estate in Fife, Scotland, UK.  It was founded by Carol Day in 2009.  Carol has been training in creative energy and shamanism for many years and is teacher trained by Sandra Ingerman  www.shamanicteachers.com

Shamanism is simply a connected and creative way of being. It is how we naturally are. The tools and practices of Shamanism help us to restore our true nature. The little red drum shamanic practice brings people together to re establish a natural,  creative and inspired way of being.  This is what restores harmony, vibrant health and fulfillment to lives!

aspects of shamanism

You can browse this website to find the different elements that are offered for 2014 and beyond!.  

individual sessions

Sometimes people need one to one support and an individual session is a way to access this. I love helping people to find their way to healing through shamanic sessions and shamanic coaching. I am trained in a number of areas:  Soul and Power Retrieval,  Extraction and Compassionate Depossession being some of the healing forms that a session might include.  These are just titles for healing  though and healing has many ways.  A session can be full of surprises!

Every Shamanic Practitioner has their speciality,  just as every tribe has a Shaman for different healing areas.  I tend to be involved with lots of profound clearing work with my guides and this brings a lot of freedom to clients through sessional work. I am a powerful listener and this seems to help people to have great insight and clarity in sessions. I also work a lot with projects around restoring power.

I recommend  shamanic coaching which is 4 sessions over 6 months as a way of installing shamanic practices and witnessing pattern changing. 

All sessions can be organised in person or by skype.


I hold a few workshops and 2 fire walks with a workshop element each year.  They are great fun and involve lots of healing opportunities too.  Journey is the best Intro workshop.  I also hold a 6 month Practitioner training with Owen Pilgrim on Shamanic Theatre and Story Telling which has 2 weekend workshop elements. 

Foundation Courses

There are 2 Foundation courses in Shamanism which I run.  They each last for just over a year. As you can see below, one is on-line and is ideal for distant learning.


Wheel is in its fourth year now. It has been enjoyed by many! It takes people through the experiential medicine wheel.  There are healing journeys with each of the four seasons,  elements and directions.  There are circle meeting groups twice every season for local candidates.  Check in points are given for the end of each month and everyone experiences an individual session at the end of each season.



Drum begins its second year this year.  It is an on-line Foundation course and works with the frame drum and the cycles of life.  The course material takes you through the moon cycles and there are webinars and conference points to connect with the material. It is a great manifestation programme as it works specifically with the cycles of living and dying.

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Restoring Wholeness - the Shaman's Craft


carolstanding (1)

2 year training following on of the Foundation years. Next intake commences Jan 31 2014, then Jan 2015

Year 2 - Restoration - Shamanic Practitioner Tools and Methodology

Year 3 ( 6 months) - Wholeness - Shamanic Practitioner Embodying the Healer

Year 3 (6 months) - Vision - Shamanic Focaliser Professional Practice

the little red drum is the instrument used by the shaman to call in the spirit of all things, to align us with the universal pulse and direct the flow of spiritual healing. It is also the heart in every woman, man, child or creature.